Acorns are the premium currency in the game and the most difficult to get. The game is designed such that the longer you play, the more Acorn you will need (or want!), since the more attractive animals, fun buildings and decorations happen to cost  Acorn instead of Coin , and all animal families and fun buildings only pay out in Coin . From a game economics point of view this totally makes sense, because if you really enjoy playing the game, you will also be more inclined to spend real (and more) money on it.

Use of AcornsEdit

Acorns have many uses throughout the game. You can use Acorns to:

  • Buy some AnimalsFun Stuff, and Decorations. Items purchased with Acorn generally produce better income more frequently, or in the case of decorations, provide a higher bonus. They are also more often part of Community Events in which you can win (limited) animals, fun buildings and decorations.
    • Sometimes items that cost Acorn are discounted. You should always check the Shop when you play, both in the Ice World and the Dino World. See the Shop page for some past animal discounts.
  • Purchase Land Expansions (instead of using Coins).
  • Instantly finish the breeding of babies. See the Nursery page for details.
  • Search and find a lost baby if you forgot to hatch it in time.
    • You can turn the clock on your device back to avoid this, but be aware that this can mess up other apps that are time-dependent and perhaps your Daily Bonuses. EDIT: this hack no longer works.
  • Buy additional Nursery slots (Nests) for 49 Acorn each.

How to Get AcornsEdit


The screen for buying Acorns.

You can purchase acorns for real money via IAP.

However, the game can be completed without spending any money as there are many ways to collect free acorns.

  • Watch short promotional videos in the Movie Theater in return for a free Acorn , up to 3 per day. NOTE: these are not available for higher levels.
  • Clean up snow piles in your village - they randomly contain Acorn . In Dino World, they are leaf piles.
  • Complete Collections.
    • If the reward includes an animal, you only get 1 Acorn . If it doesn't, you get 5, 10 or even 15.
  • Play Kung Fu Scrat and Sid's Egg Rescue.
  • Catch Scrat in a friend's village - you'll occasionally be rewarded with an Acorn instead of Coin . And the Acorn reward isn't affected if you used the hint.
  • Receive gifts from Friends - some gifts will be Acorn
    • You are more likely to receive gifts if you are also consistent at returning the favor!
  • Use the 'Get Free Acorns' button every day when it's available. EDIT: no longer available.
  • You'll get 1, 5 or 10 Acorn every time you level up (the amounts get higher as you level up)!
  • Complete Daily Challenges, which sometimes have an Acorn prize.
  • The second prize in Community Events is always at least 5 Acorn .
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