Collect Frenzy is a tool that you can use to speed up collections and feeding in your village. Its icon shows a gold silhouette of Diego's head. It is unlocked at level 15.

How well Collect Frenzy works seems to depend on the device you play on, and how much land you've bought (which can increase lag). A player reported that it was slow and jerky on an old kindle when all the land had been purchased, but that it worked better on a newer kindle.

Using Collect FrenzyEdit

Collect Frenzy appears as a button under your village name with a number showing how much tokens you own. Tap that button and a timer starts. Run your finger over any animals and buildings that are ready, and you will collect from and feed them all in one move. Once the timer runs out (or you have collected from all items), you receive an additional  Coin  bonus, based on the amount you collected.


You are given 5 free Collect Frenzy tokens once you reach level 20. If you want more after using those, you'll have to purchase them in the Shop. But you need to use Collect Frenzy for some Missions, so if you don't want to spend acorns unnecessarily, save the free ones until you need them. The prices are:

  • Mini Pack (5 tokens): 2  Acorn
  • Medium Pack (20 tokens): 5  Acorn
  • Large Pack (45 tokens): 10  Acorn
  • Jumbo Pack (150 tokens): 30  Acorn

Note: the prices for the packs were lowered in March 2014.

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