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The unusual path to getting the Rare Birdies

  1. Completing collections earns you rewards! You complete a collection when you have full families of all of the animals it includes or when you buy all the decorations it includes.

In the following information, "level" refers to the minimum level you must reach to be able to complete the collection. "Cost" is the total cost of completing the collection.

Starter PackEdit

Everybody's gotta start somewhere!

Members: Sloth, Beaver, Beaky Birdie

Cost: 24,000 Coin

Level: 3

Rewards: 5,000 Coin , 1 Acorn , 1 Piranha

Chomp ChompEdit

For all you chewers out there!

Members: Beaver, Possum, Weasel

Cost: 68,000 Coin , 120 Acorn

Level: 8

Rewards: 40,000 Coin , 15 Acorn

Tiny FamilyEdit

A little goes a long way!

Members: Orange Bird, Ermine, Hedgehog

Cost: 1,260,000 Coin

Level: 21

Rewards: 20,000 Coin , 1 Acorn , Blue Bird

Insect RespectEdit

A little pack of little bugs

Members: Dung Beetle, Earthworm

Cost: 780,000 Coin

Level: 19

Rewards: 120,000 Coin , 5 Acorn


Little noses are overrated!

Members: Sneaky, Aardvark, Mammoth, Trunkless Start

Cost: 808,000 Coin

Level: 17

Rewards: 40,000 Coin , 1 Acorn , Brown Aardvark

Scary TimeEdit

Don't be afraid; they're friendly.

Members: Armadillo, Bonycap, Sneaky

Cost: 1,444,000 Coin

Level: 27

Rewards: 130,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

The Big GuysEdit

Larger than life!

Members: Mammoth, Grizzly Bear, Gravelbeast, Hippophant

Cost: 1,852,000 Coin , 100 Acorn

Level: 30

Rewards: 80,000 Coin , 1 Acorn , Black Bear


They believe they can fly... and some of them can!

Members: Orange Bird, Diving Bird, Beaky Birdie

Cost: 772,000 Coin

Level: 20

Rewards: 60,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

Main CharactersEdit

Our heroes!

Members: Sloth, Mammoth, Possum

Cost: 96,000 Coin

Level: 8

Rewards: 60,000 Coin , 1 Acorn , Sabertooth Tiger


Don't mess with these guys!

Members: Sabertooth Tiger, Leopard

Cost: 450,000 Coin (the first Sabertooth is free as a collection reward) and 340 Acorn

Level: 8

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

Rare BirdiesEdit

Exotic and unique!

Members: Red Ostrich, Dodo Bird

Cost: 620,000 Coin and 360 Acorn

Level: 18

Rewards: 100,000 Coin , 1 Acorn , Green Ostrich

Four-Legged RunnersEdit

Try to catch them all!

Members: Gazelle, Reindeer, Leopard

Cost: 2,160,000 Coin and 340 Acorn

Level: 26

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

Not ExtinctEdit

They're still with us.

Members: Mammoth, Brown Mammoth

Cost: 32,000 Coin and 80 Acorn

Level: 6

Rewards: 125,000 Coin ,1 Acorn , Gray Mammoth


They live up in them there hills.

Members: Sneaky, Gravelbeast

Cost: 200,000 Coin and 100 Acorn

Level: 11

Rewards: 100,000 Coin , 5 Acorn


Why so lazy...?

Members: Green Sloth, Sloth, Red Sloth, Orange Sloth

Cost: 1,304,000 Coin and 30 or 40 Acorn (the first Red Sloth is free because it's a guaranteed win the first time you play Kung Fu Scrat)

Level: 24

Rewards: 150,000 Coin ,1 Acorn , Blue Sloth

Walking BulldozersEdit

They could crush you with their little toes!

Members: Rhino, Musk Ox, Mammoth, Hippophant

Cost: 1,692,000 Coin and 52 Acorn

Level: 28

Rewards: 140,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

Aquatic LifeEdit

eat dick

Members: Komodo, Piranha, Metri

Cost: 920,000 Coin and 210 Acorn (the first Piranha is free as a collection reward)

Level: 23

Rewards: 90,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

Forest FriendsEdit

Frolicking around the forest!

Members: Hedgehog, Skunk, Fox, Stag

Cost: 2,380,000 Coin and 180 Acorn

Level: 33

Rewards: 100,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

Wild and WoolyEdit

They're wooly and they know it!

Members: Mammoth, Gray Mammoth, Wooly Rhino

Cost: 932,000 Coin (first Gray Mammoth is free as a collection reward) and 60 Acorn

Level: 6

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Animal FarmEdit

All animals are equal, especially these ones!

Members: Musk Ox, Horse, Beaky Birdie

Cost: 2,652,000 Coin

Level: 29

Rewards: 100,000 Coin , 5 Acorn

Crazy CrittersEdit

Smart and sneaky -- or at least some of them, anyway...

Members: Raccoon, Weasel, Sneaky

Cost: 200,000 Coin and 180 Acorn

Level: 11

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 10 Acorn


Fast and deadly dangerous...

Members: Theropod, Troodon, Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus

Cost: 106,120,000 Coin and 780 Acorn

Level: 62

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 10 Acorn


You won't find bigger than them...

Members: Diplodocus, T-Rex, Triceratops, Steggy

Cost: 64,000,000 Coin and 300 Acorn

Level: 1

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Delightful DilophosaursEdit

These crests are the best!

Members: Dilophosaurus, Green Dilophosaurus, Pink Dilophosaurus

Cost: 10,120,000 Coin and 2,000 Heart

Level: 51

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Easter Egg Hunt (Limited)Edit

Can you find them all?

Members: Pink Easter Egg, Red Easter Egg, Orange Easter Egg, Blue Easter Egg

Cost: 40 Eggtoken or 40000 Coin and 4 Acorn

Rewards: 50,000 Coin , 1 Acorn

These decorations are only available around Easter.

Butterfriends (Partially Limited)Edit

They're big and beautiful!

Members: Giant Pink Moth (Limited), Giant Red Moth, Giant Green Moth, Giant Blue Moth

Cost: 97,600,000 Coin , 328 Acorn , and 1,400 Heart .

Level: 32

Rewards: 100,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

The Giant Pink Moth is a limited animal and seems to be re-released periodically.

Pillars of SuccessEdit

Still going strong after a year!
2015-12-21 00.04.19

Members: Column of Success, Column of Thought, Column of Strength, Column of Pride

Cost: 400,000 Coin , 15 Acorn , and 30 Heart

Rewards: 50,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Feathered FlockEdit

The early birds!

Members: Orange Archaeopteryx, Blue Archaeopteryx, Green Archaeopteryx, Yellow Archaeopteryx

Cost: 5,320,000 Coin , 208 Acorn , and 380 Heart

Level: 46

Rewards: 150,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Snap Happy (Partially Limited)Edit

Great gators!

Members: Alligator, Albino Alligator (Limited)

Cost: 2,480,000 Coin and 600 Acorn

Level: 40

Rewards: 200,000 Coin , 15 Acorn

The Albino Alligator is a limited animal and is re-released periodically.

The Easter Club (Limited)Edit

They're ready for Easter!

Members: Easter Bunny, Painted Bonycap, Basket Dodo, Springtime Raccoon.

Cost: 6,750 Eggtoken and 780 Acorn

Level: ?

Rewards: 200,000 Coin , 15 Acorn

These animals only appear around Easter.

Egg Environment (Limited)Edit

Eggs everywhere!

Members: Egg Shrub, Egg Plant, Egg Wreath, Egg Tree.

Cost: 280 Eggtoken

Rewards: 200,000 Coin , 15 Acorn

These decorations only appear around Easter.

Go Fish! (Limited)Edit

So many spikes!

Members: Spiky Fish, Gray Spiky Fish, Yellow Spiky Fish, Green Spiky Fish

Cost: 520,000,000 Coin and 1,020 Acorn

Level: 85

Rewards: 200,000 Coin , 15 Acorn

The Red, Yellow and Green Spiky Fish are limited. See individual pages for more details.

"Name Change" Collections (Limited)Edit

The following collections were only available for a limited promotional period, during summer/fall of 2012. When you changed your village name to one of the codes given below, the items appeared in your inventory and the collection appeared on your collection screen. To change your village name, you simply tap on the top left corner of your screen where your village name, picture, and level bar are shown, then type in the new name. You can change your name back afterwards. The collection was completed by simply placing the items in your village (the animal families may or may not have to be completed first - there's conflicting information on this). These name changes no longer work and no one knows whether they will be brought back.

Dannon Danimals (code = Danimals)Edit

Ring Tossing Wombats!

Members: Wombat, Ring Toss

Rewards: 50,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Dannon is a brand of yogurt products; Danimals are their colorfully packaged and flavored yogurts marketed towards kids.

Post Animals (code = Post)Edit

The Best way to start your day!

Members: Cherry Tree, Hummingbird, Basketball, Wheat Field, Grass Mammoth

Rewards: 50,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Post is a brand best known for its breakfast cereals.

Alpenliebe Animals (code = Alpenliebe)Edit

The sweetest animals around!

Members: Panda, Lollipops

Rewards: 50,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

Alpenliebe is a candy brand that launched in India.

McDonald's Animals (code = McDonalds)Edit

Happy meals for happy critters!

Members: Llama, Bell Peppers Rewards: 50,000 Coin , 10 Acorn

McDonald's is a global fast-food chain.

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