Daily bonus screencap
For every day that you play the game, you will receive a daily bonus.

Coin BonusesEdit

On every day that is not a multiple of 5, you will receive Coin . The amount steadily increased up to 1,000,000 Coin . How quickly it reaches the maximum seemed to depend on your level. Examples: A player in the 50's had a Day 1 bonus of 33,000 Coin and reached the max at Day 152. A level 74 player (Day 1 bonus unknown) reached it at Day 112 .

5th Day BonusesEdit

Every fifth day, the bonus can be a Decoration, 10 Acorn , or 10 Collect Frenzy tokens.

If it's a decoration, it will be one that costs Acorn in the Shop. You always get only one unit of that decoration, regardless of price.

The following table is a record of what some players have reported receiving. It is not an exact guide for what to expect in your game, but should give you a general idea of the decorations that tend to appear. Generally, the bonuses tend to trend upwards in price. How quickly they increase in price may depend on the level of the player. At some point, the bonuses seem to become very repetitive and rotate between a handful of the higher-priced decorations.

Day Decoration
5 Grass, Flower Star
10 Grass, Flower Star
15 Bird Bath
20 Bird Bath

Scrat in Ice, Nazca Line 2, Nazca Line 4, Ice Eagle


Nazca Line 1, Nazca Line 2, Nazca Line 4, Scrat in Ice


Dirt Path, Mailbox


Campfire, Scrat


Pirate Flag, Lava Pit


Rare Mushroom, Pirate Flag


Snowy Flower Field, Megalith, Fire Statue


Fire Statue, Snowy Flower Field, Buck


Carnivorous Flower, Sand Manny, Rainbow


Sand Manny, UFO in Ice, Rainbow, Carnivorous Flower


Maze, Rock Scrat, UFO in Ice

80 Rock Scrat
85 Scrat Memorial, Grass Mammoth,

Fire King Sid, Desert Island, Dirt Path


Waterfall, Scrat Memorial


Fire King Sid, Sphinx Scrat


Desert Island, Fire King Sid

110 Scrat Memorial

Fire King Sid, Scrat Memorial


Scrat Memorial, Desert Island, Snow Turkey


Scrat Memorial, Waterfall


Sphinx Scrat, Waterfall


Scrat Memorial, Fire King Sid

140 Sphinx Scrat

Missing A DayEdit

As the name implies, you generally must play daily to continue getting new bonuses. But if you miss a day (or longer), for 1 Acorn you can avoid losing the progress you had made. If you don't (or can't) pay that, you're simply returned to Day 1 of the bonuses. The exception is for Platinum members of the VIP Program - one of the benefits for them is that they never lose progress on daily bonuses, no matter how long they're absent for.

Some players find it helpful to purposefully skip a day and restart from Day 1. As stated in the decorations section above, the bonuses start to cycle between a handful of decorations as the days get higher. So if there are some Acorn decorations you still don't have yet, it might be a good strategy for you. You will get a few different decorations in the lower-numbered days as you progress and hopefully some will be ones you don't already have.

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