Decorations Tab

Decorations are items that can be placed in your village. But they do more than make your village look good! All decorations have an "area of effect." Any animal family or fun building that falls within its area of effect will have its earnings boosted by the decoration's bonus. It appears that the "area of effect" is 3 or 4 units in all directions from the decoration. When you tap a decoration and hit "move," a blue line appears showing the "area of effect." Any animal or fun building that falls within that square will receive the bonus. There are many ways to use decorations effectively. See the Layouts page for suggestions.

There is a Level column because on some platforms decorations are locked until a certain level is reached.

Make sure to visit the Snowy Oak page to see how to unlock this hidden decoration! You won't see it in your shop otherwise!

Selling PriceEdit

Generally, the selling price of all items that are purchased with acorns or holiday tokens is 5 coins. The only exceptions are the Stone Heart, Santa's Sleigh, Orange Easter Egg, and Red Easter Egg. This is most likely because their prices in their original year of release were in Coin , but were changed to Holiday Tokens in the following year. The developers probably forgot to change the sell price.

Items that are bought with Coin sell for 1/20th of the purchase price.

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