Experience points let you level up your village.

To see how many points you need to level up, visit the Levels page.

You gain EXP by feeding Animals and completing Missions.

Feeding AnimalsEdit

Every time you feed an animal (by clicking the apple icon hovering above it) you gain experience points. How much an animal produces depends on its recharge time. Here's the exact amount of Exp you can collect from each completed animal family:

Time (min)   EXP
0.5 2
1 4
3 6
5 10
10 20
15 30
30 40
45 50
60 60

Time (hour)         EXP
1 60
2 80
3 100
4 120*
5 140
6 160
7 170
8 180
9 190
10 200
12 220
14 230
16 240
18 250
20 260
24 280
36 300
48 320

(*)Raccoon is the only exception. A completed Raccoon family earns 220 EXP , even though it recharges in 4 hours.

Incomplete FamiliesEdit

The more family members you have, the more EXP you earn, but you still earn a percentage for families that are not complete.

A single animal earns 50% of the total, a pair of animals earn 62.5%, and three animals earn 75%. For any decimals, round down to the nearest whole number (for example, if you calculate that your animal family with two members will earn 18.75 EXP , it counts as 18 EXP ).


Which animals are best for your village will depend on how often you play the game. If you play for long periods of time, it might be best to have animals that recharge quickly. But if you only check your village once a day, then animals that recharge over longer time periods are probably best for you.

For example, the Sloth earns 2 EXP every 30 seconds, and the Sneaky earns 320 EXP every 48 hours. If you play the game for an hour continuously each day, feeding the animals whenever possible, you will earn 640 EXP over the course of two days. During that time, you'll only earn 320 EXP from the Sneaky (and that depends on whether it came time to collect during the two hours you were playing). So if that's how you play, the Sloth is a very good earner for you. However, most people do not want to have to feed animals every 30 seconds, so those that collect at a slower rate are good choices. Let's say you just check your village once a day, and you don't play for very long when you do. For that player, the Sloth will only earn 4 EXP points over two days (because they'll only collect from it twice, once each time they visit their village), but the Sneaky will still earn 320 EXP during that period of time. Basically, remember that animals with shorter recharge times can theoretically earn much more than those with slower ones, but it requires much more work from the player.

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