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The Fun Stuff section of the Shop sells Fun Buildings, which are a great way to earn Coins !

The Selling Price is always very minimal compared to the purchase price.


Any building that costs acorns only sells for 5 Coins .

You may also wish to keep in mind that the Movie Theater functions in a similar way to fun buildings. It's earning rate per minute is 1.01, for comparison.

What are the "Best" Buildings to Buy?[]

Answer: it depends! If you play a lot, you may be better off getting a lot of Mud Spas (which are cheap, too!), since they recharge in 30 seconds. If you surround them with enough palm trees, they can give you ~500 Coins every 30 seconds for every spa. If you only visit your game once or twice a day, you will probably be better off getting several fun buildings that recharge after several hours but give you a higher payout (again, use lots of decorations around them to increase the payout). See the Layouts page for money-making strategies using decoration bonuses.

There are a few other buildings in the game with special properties (Movie Theater, Hyrax Tree, Kung Fu Scrat), see the Special page for more information.