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Each animal comes with a particular type of 4x4 habitat. Players can customise habitats of animals when they reach level 40. Changing habitats costs acorns, coins, or hearts.

Note: Some animals are listed in both the Ice World and the Dino World tables. Those animals can be purchased in the Ice World only by players who haven't yet reached Dino World. This is true of several of the dinosaurs that were part of the game before Dino World was introduced, and several limited animals (presumably so that lower level players could still buy them).

As a Platinum VIP one of the benefits is Free Habitat changes (unlimited number of times).

Ice World Habitats[]

Image Habitat Name Cost Animals - Starting Habitat
Clean aviary habitat.png Aviary Tree 10 Acorns

Eagle, Golden eagle

Clean burrows.png Burrows 6 Acorns Armadillo, Dodo Bird, Earthworm
Bushes hab.png Bushes 6 Acorns Beaky Birdie, Vulture
CraggyIce.png [[::Category:Habitat: Craggy Ice|Craggy Ice]] 6 Acorns Snowy Fox, Seagull, Crab, Blue Crab, Tiger, White Tiger, Gorilla, Dire Wolf, Sea Elephant, Hare, Badger, Tapir, Wolverine, Pirate Badger, Walrus, Wild Boar, Longdan Tiger,
Habitat hill2.png Hill 6 Acorns Ape, Fox, Gazelle, Gravelbeast, Hippophant, Horse, Leopard, Musk Ox, Reindeer, Rhino, Sabertooth Tiger, Stag, Black Panther, Wombat, Elk, Shamrock Ox, Shamrock Elk, Seal, Grad Seal, Brown Horse, Zebra, Stag Moose
Habitat ice flow.png Ice Flow 50 Hearts Bonycap, Ermine, Polar Bear, Trunkless Start, Penguin
Cropped plateus.png Ice Plateaus 50 Hearts None - available only by customizing
Habitat mountain.png Mountain 10 Acorns Mountain Goat
Mud habitat.png Mud 10 Acorns None - available only by customizing
Cropped plains.png Plains 50,000 Coins Mammoth, Brown Mammoth, Wooly Rhino, Panda, Gray Mammoth, Giraffe, Triceratops, Theropod, Camel, Cassowary, Donkey
Habitat pond.png Pond 6 Acorns Weasel, Turkey
Clean river.png River 6 Acorns Aardvark, Brown Aardvark, Beaver, Diving Bird, Red Ostrich, Pink Ostrich, Raccoon, Green Ostrich, Orange Aardvark, Red-Nosed Reindeer, Gray Raccoon, Pumpkin Raccoon, Study Raccoon
Habitat rocks.png Rocks 6 Acorns Possum, Skunk, Chipmunk, Dung Beetle, St. Patrick's Possum
Clean sea.png Sea Can't be purchased Komodo, Metri, Piranha, Sea Otter, Shark, Spiky Fish, Hammerhead Shark, Dolphin, Narwhal, Maelstrom, Gray Spiky Fish, Yellow Spiky Fish, Green Spiky Fish
Habitat hill.png Steppes 100,000 Coins Grizzly Bear, Sneaky, Irish Elk
Clean stone.png Stone 6 Acorns Sloth, Red Sloth, Orange Sloth, Green SlothBlue Sloth, Llama
Habitat stumps.png Stumps 6 Acorns Green Bird, Blue Bird, Orange Bird, Hedgehog, Monkey, Rat, Orange Rabbit, Black Bear
Clean tall stumps.png Tall Stumps Can't be purchased Bat
Habitat wildflowers.png Wildflowers 10 Acorns Hummingbird

Dino World Habitats[]

Image Habitat Name Price Animals - Starting Habitat
Cleantroodon.png Cave Pool 10 Acorns Troodon
White clearing.png Clearing 50,000 Coins Giant Red Moth, T-Rex, Alligator, Giant Green Moth, Golden Eagle, Spinosaurus, Albino Alligator, Diplodocus, Giant Blue Moth, Giant Pink Moth, Gray T-Rex, Triceratops, Theropod, Mutty, Par-T-Rex, Acrotholus, Steggy, Patagosaurus, Lucky Rex, Parasaurolophus, Giganotosaurus, Rare Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, Alpha Allosaurus, Holiday Allosaurus, Holiday Giganotosaurus, Holiday Parasaurolophus, Mummysaurus, Cacops Conjurer, Varsityasaurus, Schoolasaurus, Cheerasaurus, Volcanosaurus
Habitat craggy rocks.png Craggy Rocks 6 Acorns Three-Banded Armadillo, Ankylosaurus, Jack-O'-Saurus, Spider, Skelesaurus, Raptor of Freedom, Cephy, Guanlong, Red-Nosed T-Rex, Rapto Claus, Holiday Iguanodon, Velociraptor, Skull Spider
Clean dark rock.png Dark Craggy Rocks 50 Hearts Dracorex
White hill.png Hill 6 Acorns Blue Dimetrodon, Cacops, Dilophosaurus, Blue Archaeopteryx, Iguanodon, Yellow Archaeopteryx, Green Archaeopteryx, Pink Dilophosaurus, Snake, Ornithocheirus, Green Dilophosaurus, Orange Archaeopteryx, Salamander, Raptorex, Purple Troodon, Green Dimetrodon, Rattlersaurus
Clean lava habitat.png Lava 10 Acorns None - available only by customizing
Dino pond hab.png Pond 6 Acorns
White rocks.png Rocks 10 Acorns
White shrubs.png Shrubs 6 Acorns None - available only by customizing
White steppes.png Steppes 100,000 Coins
Hab stone.png Stone 6 Acorns Quetzal, Pterodaustro, Flying Dino, Pyroraptor

Old habitat of T-Rex and Diplodocus. Unknown when it changed. It is no longer available for any animals:

Old T. rex habitat

Permanent Seasonal Habitats Available in Both Worlds[]

Gameloft occasionally releases a new permanent habitat during events and holidays. They stick around even after the holiday is over, so there's no need to rush to get a family into the habitat before the holiday ends. Many families from either world can be placed in them, including regular, non-limited animals.

Image Habitat Name Price Animals - Starting Habitat
Autumnhqb2.jpg Autumn Steppes 25 Acorns None - available only by customizing
FreedomPlains.jpg Freedom Plains 10 Acorns None - available only by customizing
Heathhab.jpg Holiday Heath 25 Acorns Ice World: Festive Seal, Candy Cane Penguin, Holiday Allosaurus, Holiday Giganotosaurus, Holiday Parasaurolophus

Dino World: None - available only by customizing

Hab soccer.jpg Soccer Habitat 25 Acorns

Ice World: Soccer Bonycap, World Cup Armadillos, World Cup Bonycaps

Dino World: None - available only by customizing

Hab spring.jpg Spring Habitat 25 Acorns Ice World: Easter Bunny, Easter Ermine, Painted Bonycap, Basket Dodo, Springtime Raccoon, Easter Rat, Nesting Rhino, Flower Fox, Summer Llama, Cherry Blossom Elk

Dino World: Egguanodon, Eggolosaurus, Candysaurus, Summersaurus, Rosegator, Tinted Tops

Spookyhab.jpg Spooky Clearing 25 Acorns None - available only by customizing

Old Spring Habitat (changed in 2015): Springhab.jpg

Limited Habitats[]

Starting in 2015, Gameloft began making habitats that are available only with limited animals that come in that habitat. The habitats are available in both worlds if there is a holiday-related limited animal for each world.

Image Habitat Name Cost Animals - Starting Habitat
Circus habitat.jpg Circus Habitat 25 Acorns Circus Pony, Circus Camel, Circus Zebra, Circus Mammoth, Circus Seal, Circus Giraffe, Clownosaurus
MardiGrasHabitat.jpg Mardi Gras 25 Acorns Ice World: Bon Temps Ostrich, Gravel King, Mardi Mammoth, Reveler Sloth, Chipper Chipmunk

Dino World: Bacchusaurus, Mardi Gator

ValentinesHabitat.jpg Valentine's Day 25 Acorns Ice World: Valentine's Giraffe, Bonykiss, Cuddle Bear, Fox of Love, Love Buzzard, Romance Mammoth, Secret Seagull, Valentapir, Valentines Tiger

Dino World: Love-O-Saurus, True-Love Triceratops

Habitat Customization[]

The ability to customize habitats unlocks when you reach Level 40. Some players have reported that this feature did not unlock for them at level 40. Gameloft wrote in their FAQ that they are working on this glitch, and noted that the feature will unlock once these players receive the mission to customize a habitat. So don't fall behind in completing your missions!

Ice World: Generally, you can change an animal's habitat to any of the Ice World habitats, but there are rules that limit some possibilities:

  • The Aviary Tree habitat is just for birds (and the Dung Beetle). But for some reason the Vulture cannot be placed in it. The Ostriches also cannot be placed in it.
  • The Bushes habitat is also possible for all of the birds (except for the Ostriches). But the Dung Beetle, Earthworm, Possum, Ape, and Raccoon may also be placed in it.
  • Larger animals, like the mammoths, cannot be placed in habitats with small perches, like Rocks, Stumps, Pond, River, and Burrows.
  • The Wildflowers habitat seems to be limited to animals that hover. The Dung Beetle may be placed in it.
  • Any animals in the Sea habitat cannot be moved to other habitats, and no other animals can be placed in a Sea habitat.
  • The Bat comes in the Tall Stumps habitat. It can't be moved into other habitats, and other animals can't be placed in its habitat.

Dino World: Usually there are a couple of habitats that a Dino World animal can not be placed in, but they aren't as predictable as the Ice World limitations.

  • The Shrubs habitat may be limited to winged animals. The Golden Eagle, Ornithocheirus, and the Moths can be placed in it.