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Hearts, Heart , are a special type of currency that you cannot buy with real money; you must earn them in-game.

Earning HeartsEdit

There are several ways to earn Heart . For more information on adding friends, see the Friends page.

Like other players' villages.

You can do this once every 24 hours and you get 1 Heart each time. The more friends you have to visit, the more you can earn this way, but even if you have no friends, you'll still be able to visit and like the villages of several Main Characters and 5 random villages each day.

Have friends who like your village and send you gifts.

You receive 1 Heart whenever someone likes your village. Your friends can also send you a gift once every 24 hours. Gifts are random, not chosen by the sender, but they are always either 100 Coin , 1 Acorn , or 1 Heart . Again, even if you don't have friends, the Main Characters' villages will automatically return your gifts each day. Remember to be a good friend in return and gift your friends, too!

Collect from your friends' Hyrax Tree.

This can be done once every 24 hours. Generally, you get a single Heart each time, although sometimes it gives an Acorn instead. However, some players report that if you keep tapping the Tree as quickly as possible in just the right way, you may even get 2-3 Heart or a Heart and an Acorn  !

Help your Friends find lost babies.

If your friend doesn't check their Nursery in time, and a baby wanders off, they can ask you for help finding it. You'll get a message and if you visit their village and find the egg there, you earn a Heart .


For some reason, the Shop lists items that can be bought with Heart in a separate "Friend" section. And since it's such a short list, it won't hurt to list them here. The Decorations, Fun Stuff, and Animals pages includes more info about each item.

Items Cost ( Heart )
Stone Path 1
Shell Path 2
Palm Tree 10
Baobab Tree 25
Column of Pride 30
Sand Diego 75
Green Archaeopteryx 95
Kitchen 100
Fireworks 135
Flower Statue 200
Giant Green Moth 350
Soccer Field 500
Green Dilophosaurus 500
Ape 1,000

Sometimes there are sales - for example, 70% off all items that can be bought with Heart - so make sure to check your Shop whenever you play! When this happens, it's even possible that the cheaper items (paths) will be completely free!

You can also use the hearts to customize animal habitats in both Ice and Dino Worlds.  It costs 50 hearts to customize each animal's habitat.

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