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During the course of the game, you will encounter some of the main characters of the Ice Age movie series, as well as their social status, race, and sexuality. The next person to edit this page will be classified as gay/beta. He who edits this page will also be used as sex toys by the characters described in this page. Beware, Manny is always watching.


Another scrat image.jpg

Its pretty obvious that scat is straight, but he's obviously made out of beta material. First of all, he was simping for a random squirrel in the dino world, but ended up losing the acorn to her at the end of the movie.


Manny is an alpha male. He fits the epitome of masculinity. When Manny was born, he spanked his doctor to make him cry. When manny goes to school, the teachers have to raise their hand to ask him questions. Manny for these reasons, is straight. he also has a monster cock and gets unlimited mammoth coochie. He roars loudly when his ass gets penetrated by ice shards. He can often be seen eating his own shit.


Sid is obviously gay. In the 4th movie, continental drift, sid kissed diego on the lips and didn't even feel ashamed after doing it. Sid is also a beta male. Whenever Mannys predatory instincts kick in, Sid is forced to be his sex toy. Sid recently tried to ditch his mammoth partner by trying to hook a T-Rex into having sexual intercourse with him but by the time he gave up he no longer had his genitals. This upset Manny quite a bit.


It is safe to assume that Diego is bisexual. On one hand, we see him attracting so much cat coochie. But we shouldn't forget that he DID kiss Sid on the lips. Manny, who doesn't have good eyesight, sometimes mistakes diego for Sid. As a result, diego is traumatized by moments where he recalls memories of his face getting shoved into manny's orifices.

Crash & Eddie[]

Crash and Eddie are obviously gay lovers. The way Crash and Eddie mourned for sid in the 3rd movie was the mourning of lovers. Very much gay and beta.


Ellie is what you call a big boss. Not only is she manny's wife, but she was so hot that even crash and eddie were attracted to her despite them being gay. Like Manny, Ellie uses the long hard shape of crash and eddie to fulfill her needs and calm her lustful pheromones.


Peaches has been classified as straight. The only problem with her is that she cannot find any mammoths to fulfill her sexual needs. Instead, she resorts to louis, to satisfy that hairy crack of hers. (not a good idea since louis is a hedgehog)


Although louis may be small, he's obviously made of alpha material. Although we never get to see his cock on screen, its safe to assume it is of massive proportions given that he has intercourse with Peaches every night.



The oldest character ever. Despite her age, Granny still needs to tend to her sexual needs. She literally cucked sid and wrecked Diego in a fight, proving that she is indeed alpha material. Unlike Manny and Peaches however, she uses a larger animal as a sex toy. (precious the whale)

Captain Gutt and his crew[]

Captain Gutt is alpha. in the 4th movie, he got cucked by Manny. But as we know, masculinity is transferred through semen, so as a result captain Gutt is alpha as well.


Obviously has the biggest cock in the franchise. He literally managed to have intercourse with the biggest dinosaur (unlike Sid).