The Shop is where you buy items for your village. Gameloft frequently offers limited-time promotions on items, so check your Shop any time you play - if there is a red sale tag on the Shop icon, there's either a sale or a limited item availabe!


This section of the Shop displays any items that have newly become available to you - either because you have leveled up, or there has been a Game Update that added new items to the Shop. If there is a limited-time item, it will be listed first until you buy one.


This section displays Animals you don't have yet. This includes remaining family members of incomplete families displayed in your village (not those in your inventory). This section also does not include any animals that cost Heart .

As long as you purchase the first family member of a limited animal while it is available, the remaining family members will stay available in your Shop and you will be able to complete the family at any time, even after the limited time period expires. This is true even of limited animals sold in Holiday Stores - because once you purchase the first member, the animal moves to the regular Shop and no longer costs Holiday Tokens.

  • Ice World Shop. An animal on sale.
  • Dino World Shop
Whenever there is a sale tag on the Shop and you don't see anything on sale in the Shop itself, then the sale item must be an animal that no longer appears in your Shop. The sale could either be on an animal whose family you've already completed or one that has been placed in your inventory. If you have any incomplete families in inventory, place them in your village and then check the animal section of the shop to see if they are the sale animal. 

The following table shows discounts that have been given in the past.

Animal Normal Price Past Discount Prices
Blue Crab 375 Acorn 150 Acorn
Brown Mammoth 80 Acorn 20 and 40 Acorn
Chipmunk 200 Acorn 80, 100, and 120 Acorn
Crab 25,000,000 Coin 5,000,000 Coin
Dodo Bird 225 Acorn 135 and 90 Acorn
Flying Dino 105 Acorn 52 and 75 Acorn
Fox 90 Acorn 45 Acorn
Gravelbeast 75 Acorn 19 Acorn
Gray T-Rex 175 Acorn 44 Acorn
Leopard 85 Acorn 30 Acorn
Metri 30 Acorn 15 Acorn
Monkey 100 Acorn 25 Acorn
Orange Aardvark 30 Acorn 15 Acorn
Pink Ostrich 20 Acorn 10 Acorn
Piranha 50 Acorn 12 and 15 Acorn
Polar Bear 90 Acorn  45 and 65 Acorn
Rhino 50 Acorn 13 and 25 Acorn
Shark 210 Acorn 60 Acorn
Steggy 70 Acorn 1000
Theropod 500 Acorn 125, 200, 290, and 300 Acorn
Triceratops 140 Acorn 40, 50 and 70 Acorn
Weasel 60 Acorn 30 Acorn
Wooly Rhino 60 Acorn 15 and 30 Acorn

Fun StuffEdit

This section displays available Fun Buildings, except those that cost Heart .


This section displays available Decorations, except those that cost Heart .

When there is a limited decoration, as long as you buy one while it is available, that item will remain available in your Shop even after the limited time expires. You will then be able to buy more of that item if you want to do so at a later time. This ONLY applies to limited items in the regular Shop - you will NOT be able to continue buying items from Holiday Stores after the holiday ends.


This section displays any available animals, fun buildings, or decorations that cost Heart .


The Special section displays a few miscellaneous items that simply don't belong in the other categories - Kung Fu Scrat, Sid's Egg RescueMovie Theater, Hyrax TreeSnowman Holiday Kit, Painting Patch, and Collect Frenzy tokens. See the linked pages for more information!

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