The Shop has a "Special" section.


The Special section of the Shop

Special BuildingsEdit

Special buildings cannot be built more than once (If you see a village with more than one, that player probably took advantage of a glitch or hack in an earlier version of the game). They each have unique functions, see their linked pages for more info.

Holiday KitsEdit

Holiday Kits are buildings that can only be bought once. They produce Coin , and they upgrade as you collect from them. Some are only available for limited periods of time.

Dino WorldEdit

At level 25, you can unlock Dino World for 70 Acorn , or be patient and as you level up the price will drop, so that at level 35, it becomes free. It may be best to wait for the price to drop because most new things aren't even available in Dino World until level 40 anyways (or they have really expensive Acorn prices).

Collect FrenzyEdit

At level 15, Collect Frenzy is unlocked. This is a tool that helps to speed up collections and feeding in your village. Here in the Shop, you can buy 'packs' of collect frenzy tokens.

Mystery BoxEdit

Mystery Box is for bronze members and above in the VIP Program. To all other players, the item will appear locked in their shop. For those with access to it, it essentially provides a gift of a fun building or decoration at set intervals.

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