Spiky Fish (Limited)


Red Spiky Fish Fry




90 Acorn

Recharge Time

2 Hours

Income (Full Family)

6,500 Coin

Experience (Full Family)

80 EXP level 50 - 472

Egg Hatching Time

168 Hours (7 Days)




Go Fish!

The Spiky fish is a limited Ice World Animal. Originally, the only way to get it was by winning it in Kung Fu Scrat. It would be released for 24 hrs as the animal prize. More recently, it has been available as a prize in Community Events.

Release History:

  • November 8, 2012
  • August ?, 2013
  • September 15, 2013
  • August 11-17, 2014 as the personal prize in a Community Event.
  • September 16-21, 2014 as the personal prize in a Community Event.

Incomplete Family Earnings
Family Members Coin EXP
1 3,250 40
2 4,062 50
3 4,875 60
level 50 472
Screenshot 20171231-191046
  • All of the spiky fish varieties
  • Announcement from when it had to be won from KFS
Screenshot 20180816-050932


  • You may see some players with two Spiky Fish families. This was possible without hacking because the Spiky Fish remained the animal prize even after being won during the 2012 release, and so some players were able to win it twice that day. This glitch has been fixed for subsequent release.